Larson family and friends cemetery locations


Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin, a little cemetery on Highway 47 a couple miles south of town.

The grave of Robert L. Larson, 1926-2005, father to Joe and Bill, husband of Jean.


The following pictures are from Beloit Wisconsin Eastlawn Cemetery

Mary, Joe, Jean, Bill, Cheri Larson and Tom Kotenberg

At the grave of David Shawn Kotenberg, April 18, 1965

GPS: N42 30.742  W088 59.898


Jane Atterbury, Jean, Bill Cheri Larson, Tom Kotenberg at David’s grave


Jean Larson at the graves of Connie and Earl Frayer

GPS N42 30.792 W088 59.999


Jean putting flowers on the grave of Mary Viola (Osgood) Larson, 1899-1930.

Also in this area are Rudy, Joy, and Violet Larson. Rudy and Mary were the parents of Connie (Frayer) and Bob.

GPS N42 31.008 W088 59.908


Bill, Jean, and Joe Larson at the graves of Rudy and Joy (“Joan”) Larson.  Joy was Rudy’s third wife.


Joe, Jean, and Bill Larson at the graves of Mary and Violet Larson.  Violet was Rudy’s second wife.


In the general area of David Shawn Kotenberg’s grave.


Bergen Cemetery, between Beloit and Walworth Wisconsin

GPS N42 29.628 W088 51.872

The Larson family stone.  Lewis S (1859-1926) and Belle T. (1864-1959), along with Grandma (1836-1923), Willie, Arthur, and Ernest.  Lewis and Belle were Rudy Larson’s parents, and Willie, Arthur, and Ernest were his brothers.  “Grandma” was probably Lewis’s mother, we think her name was Susan Fugelstadt.


Find it near the large stump.


Walworth Cemetery

GPS N42 31.843 W088 35.322

Jean Larson and Jane Atterbury standing by the graves of their parents, Mary Clark Warren (1892-1946) and Claude Warren (1881-1965).

Also in this area are the graves of Jennie L (Jennie Lake) (1862-1931), Rev Moulton N. Clark (1846-1912), Josephine W (Josephine Warren) (1855-1888) who was buried along with “Franklin B age 6 mos” (died in childbirth), and Albert L (1883-1906).


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